Far, Far Away – Tom McNeal

Far, Far Away – Tom McNealImage

I really enjoyed this book.  It is difficult to slot it into one genre, which I think is an advantage,  it’s fantasy, fairy tale, thriller and mystery all rolled into one amazing adventure.

The main characters are modern teenagers so the book claims to be young adult but as a very mature person I enjoyed it.  The story revolves around Jeremy who lives in a American town that sounds straight out of a fairy tale.  He has a secret friend, the ghost of Jacob Grimm.  The parallel between the Grimm stories and real life are always present but the modernity of his best friend, a girl know as ‘Ginger’ keeps this story firmly in the 21st century. 

As the narrator, the ghost of Jacob, gives us insights into both the world of Brothers Grimm and, for him, the confusing modern day world.  It is a story of teenage love and friendship, of the human evil that has existed in the world through time immemorial and of how fairy tales still have meaning today.

I recommend this book whole-heartedly for anyone who wants to read something a bit different.  Read and enjoy.  I did.


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